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  • Allan P. DeKaye

    President and CEO of DEKAYE Consulting, Inc.

  • Ann Rhoades

    Visionary Human Resources Executive

  • Brian Lee

    One of North America's leading experts in the field of world-class Patient Satisfaction and Employee Retention

  • Burl Stamp, FACHE

    President and founder of Stamp & Chase, Inc.

  • Aurel Emerson Smith, PhD

    Internationally recognized and thought-provoking speaker and health care futurist

  • Jennifer Page

    Inspirational and entertaining mother of Mini Darth Vader

  • Joe Flower

    Founder and CEO of the education company Imagine What If, Inc.

  • Joe Tye

    Head Coach of Values Coach America

  • John W. Kenagy

    Kenagy & Associates, LLC

  • Kristin Baird

    President/CEO of Baird Group

  • Michael E. Frisina, Ph.D, M.A.

    Leader Development, Peak Performance Coaching and Organizational Development

  • Michael D. Pugh

    CEO experience in hospitals, health care systems, managed care organizations, consulting & health care service

  • Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D.

    An engaging speaker, a prolific, visionary author, and dynamic President of Numerof & Associates, a strategy development and implementation consulting firm.

  • Scott Adler

    Founding Principal with Insight Strategies, LLC

  • Scott W. Goodspeed

    President and CEO of four hospitals in three states

  • Steven M. Berkowitz

    Over 25 years experience in health care executive management and consulting

  • Teri Yanovitch

    Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Expert

  • Tim Porter-O'Grady

    Over 40 years of actual hands on clinical and leadership experience at every level of health service; health care leader, writer, professor, and consultant.

  • Todd C. Linden

    President, Linden Consulting, Inc.

  • Tom Olivo

    President, Success Profiles, Inc. and Founding Partner, Healthcare Performance Solutions

  • Wendy Leebov

    Passionate advocate for creating healing environments

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    Inspirational Olympic Athlete

  • Thomas C. Royer, MD, FACPE

    Over 40 years of experience as a clinician, clinical leader, physician leader, and CEO

  • Jake Poore

    President & Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems

  • Eric Kidwell

    Vice President, Integrated Loyalty Systems (ILS)

  • Shari Welch

    Practicing physician, an independent consultant, and a research fellow at the Intermountain Institute for Health Care Delivery Research

  • Sam Glick

    Health Market 2.0 and consumer-centric healthcare presenter

  • Jeri Davis

    Expert Behavioral Health Consultant & Recruiter

  • Neal Hogan, PhD

    Senior Advisor, BDC Advisors; President, Neal Hogan Enterprise; Board Member, INTEGRIS

  • Crystal Vasquez

    Director of Solutions Innovation, American Hospital Association

  • Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE

    Managing Director & Practice Leader of the Governance & Leadership practice, Integrated Healthcare Strategies