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  • Alice G. Gosfield

    Health law; quality; clinical integration; physician engagement/alignment

  • David B. Nash, MD, MBA

    Dean, Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health

  • Eric D. Lister

    Physician and consultant to healthcare organizations

  • Gary R. Yates

    Governance, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement

  • John R. Combes, M.D.

    Former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Former President of the Center for Healthcare Governance (CHG)

  • John W. Kenagy

    Kenagy & Associates, LLC

  • Michael D. Pugh

    CEO experience in hospitals, health care systems, managed care organizations, consulting & health care service

  • Michael Rock, MD

    Chief Medical Officer at Mayo Clinic Hospitals/Mayo Foundation

  • Nathan S. Kaufman

    Renowned expert, consultant, lecturer and author

  • Nicholas Wolter, MD

    CEO of Billings Clinic, a fully integrated health system

  • Susan Douglass

    Over 20 years of experience working with physician compensation, leadership, and engagement

  • Thomas A. Atchison

    President and founder of Atchison Consulting Group

  • Tom Olivo

    President, Success Profiles, Inc. and Founding Partner, Healthcare Performance Solutions

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    Inspirational Olympic Athlete

  • Hans Wiik, FACHE, MPH, MHA, RPh

    President and CEO of the Hans Wiik Health Group, LLC

  • Mo Kasti

    CEO and Founder, CTI/Physician Leadership Institute

  • Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE

    Managing Director & Practice Leader of the Governance & Leadership practice, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • Jay D. Bhatt, DO, MPH, MPA, FACP

    Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association and President, Health Research & Educational Trust.

  • David Hunnicutt

    Sense-maker. Simplifier. Arch-enemy of underperforming hospital cultures. Obsessed with helping leaders create breathtaking change. Focused on building cultures that work, creating high-performing organizations and empowering healthcare executives to lead with intention.

  • Kenneth Cohen, PhD

    Founder and CEO of The Synergy Organization

  • Steve Gordon, MD, MPP, FACP

    National Principal Consultant, Point B