William F. Jessee, MD, FACMPE joined Integrated Healthcare Strategies (IHStrategies) in October, 2011, after serving for more than 12 years as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). He also holds an academic appointment as Clinical Professor of Health Systems, Policy and Management at the University of Colorado School of Public Health.

Dr. Jessee is one of the nation's leading experts on physician services management and hospital-physician integration. In particular, he is skilled in the development and implementation of strategies for creating aligned economic interests among physicians, hospitals and payers. He is also widely recognized as an expert on health policy issues, and the role of governance in quality improvement and patient safety.

Before joining MGMA, Dr. Jessee was Vice-President for Quality and Managed Care Standards at the American Medical Association. His experience also includes service as CEO of a regional integrated delivery system in Louisville, Kentucky; as a Vice President of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; and as corporate Vice President for Quality Management at Humana Inc. From 1980 -1986, Dr. Jessee was a full time academician as Associate Professor of Health Policy and Administration at the University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, Chapel Hill.

An honors graduate of Stanford University, Dr. Jessee received his medical degree at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. He took residency training in pediatrics at Indiana University Hospitals, Indianapolis, and completed his training in preventive medicine at the University of Maryland Hospital, Baltimore.

Professional Highlights

  • More than twelve years leading MGMA, a national association for managers of medical group practices. Extensive experience in all facets of the management of cost-effective, profitable, high quality medical groups, achieving high levels of patient and physician satisfaction.
  • Nine years as a board member of Exempla Healthcare, a three hospital system. Extensive experience in physician practice acquisition, strategic integration of physician services, and development and use of metrics for improving individual and organizational performance.
  • In-depth knowledge of hospital board, management, and clinical staff responsibilities for patient care quality and safety.
  • Extensive experience in developing strategic plans and initiatives for achieving the clinical and financial integration necessary to meet payer and purchaser demands for cost-effectiveness, quality, safety and patient satisfaction.
  • A nationally well-known educator on physician leadership, hospital and health system governance, and ACO development and implementation.

Physician Leadership Forum Partnership

American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum (PLF)William F. Jessee, MD, FACMPE is a participating physician of the American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum (PLF). The American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum offers physicians a unique opportunity to participate in AHA policy and advocacy development process while preparing to collaboratively lead the hospitals of the future.

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Featured Presentations

Managing the Volume to Value Transition---Without Breaking the Bank
There is no question about the fact that healthcare payments are moving away from a focus on volume, to a greater focus on value. But the pace of that change has been generally slow, and it varies considerably from market to market around the country. Further, value-based payment systems require that providers acquire new skills, new data and often new personnel. The challenge facing medical practices is to be prepared for the transition, without moving either too quickly or too slowly, while finding means to acquire the resources needed for future success. This presentation will explore the new practice management skills, tools and data sources that are essential for succeeding in a value-driven payment environment. It will cite specific approaches that are being used by both individual practices and large healthcare systems to address such issues as:  population health management; primary care patient panel management; bundled payments; quality measurement and reporting; consumerism and price transparency; and new physician compensation models rewarding value. By learning from the successes---and failures---of others, attendees will be better equipped to assure that their practices are successful in the new value-driven healthcare     world.

Physician Engagement vs. Physician Burnout: Challenges and Opportunities
An engaged and enthusiastic physician workforce is essential to the success of medical groups, hospitals and health systems, especially as we transition to a value-driven healthcare financing system. But growing evidence indicates that the rate of physician “burnout”---the very opposite of engagement--- is on the rise. In a 2015 national survey, 54% of physicians reported one or more symptoms of burnout, up from 45% in the same survey in 2011. By contrast, in the overall US workforce, the burnout rate is only 28%, and that rate has been stable for several years. Among the many factors associated with physician burnout, some of the most prominent are:  Chaos in their work environment; lack of control over their professional life; non-aligned leadership; electronic Health Records time demands.  In this presentation, Dr. Jessee explores the causes of burnout, the consequences for patients and healthcare organizations, and several tried and true approaches to reducing burnout and enhancing physician engagement. By restoring physician pride in their profession, and joy in their work, you can build an organization that is poised for success in the healthcare system of tomorrow as well as that of today.

Is it True? Is Private Practice a Thing of the Past?
Without question, a greater proportion of physicians are employed by hospitals and health systems today than ever before. And most young physicians are seeking employment, rather than considering opening their own practices or becoming a partner in a medical group. But there is still a role for private practices---and there will continue to be one, so long as those practices can adapt to the changing environment of US healthcare in the 21st century.  In this presentation, Dr. Jessee explores the trend toward physician employment and the reasons driving that trend. But more importantly, we will explore what it will take to make a private practice a viable business model in the years and decades to come. Physician practices will have to invest in new data sources, new personnel and new patient management tools to remain viable in a value-driven healthcare financing system. Both hospitals and physicians will need to find new ways of working together to be able to thrive in this new environment. Dr. Jessee examines some of the approaches that successful medical practices---and successful health systems---are undertaking to create win-win opportunities, and to make private practice a viable alternative to physician employment.

Speaker Topics

  • Delivering Value through Delivery System Innovation
  • Future of Health Care
  • Governance
  • Health Care Reform
  • Hospital/Physician Relations and Clinical Integration
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Medical Staff Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Population Health
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Strategic Planning

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Group Facilitator
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator