Tom Olivo is the founding partner in the consulting firm Healthcare Performance Solutions (HPS) and President of Success Profiles, Inc.

In his professional career, Mr. Olivo has over 25 years of experience in identifying, measuring and comparing the “commonalities” of highly successful athletes, business leaders, and organizations.  Tom has worked in a multitude of industries with thousands of senior executives and managers, emphasizing the importance of Business Analytics and Getting the Right People in the Right Roles. 

Since 2002, Tom has operated solely in Healthcare, with a profound focus on trying to make a difference to every outcome possible. This has been achieved by utilizing proprietary measurement tools which have created one of the largest databases of its kind and includes the evaluation of the effectiveness of over 30,000 leaders and the business practices of over 500 hospitals and systems.

Scripps Health, Lee Memorial, Palmetto Health and many others have seen consistent, performance improvement and have retained Tom’s services for many years.

During 2014 Success Profiles and HPS have published research that has uncovered disturbing downward trends in the performance of leaders, who until 2011 were succeeding in their roles and are now struggling in ever greater numbers.

This discovery led to further research which has definitively explained what separates the very best leaders from everyone else and also what impact this downward trend and changing leadership demographics will have on maintaining leadership continuity and succession planning in the future.

Tom deploys practical, evidenced based approaches to meeting these business-critical issues head on and does so in his usual empathetic and direct style, mixed with real world examples and humor.

He is considered by business leaders to be an expert in Talent Management and is one of the most requested speakers in the Healthcare industry on the topic of "Quantifying the impact that leadership has on performance outcomes."

Tom lives in Bozeman, MT, with his wife Katie and daughters Sarah and Christine. His personal interests include all forms of outdoor recreation, photography, and fly-fishing.

Featured Presentations

Creating Superior Healthcare Performance with Leadership Alignment
Tom demonstrates how developing a mature and sophisticated talent management program can be achieved by any hospital, regardless of size.  Participants will understand the performance of front-line managers highly correlates to employee engagement, overall patient experience, productivity, and financial results. Research will demonstrate how improving the performance of front-line managers is the single most effective lever to increase an organization’s net operating margin. Leadership ultimately shapes every aspect of an organization, and getting the right people in to the right roles can help healthcare organizations succeed in a difficult economic climate.  Leadership alignment is achieved when a person's demonstrated ability level (talent) is greater than the complexity threshold where their odds of success exceeds 50%.

Leadership Continuity & Succession Planning for All Critical Roles
Gain a better understanding in to measuring how vulnerable critical roles are to experiencing a leadership void.  Tom outlines: measuring organizational vulnerability; leadership development and readiness levels; CEO strategy solutions. 

Connecting Leadership Effectiveness to Outcomes
Tom presents a synthesis of his expertise for participants to develop the ability to predict a success in business using the Success Profiles Results Performance Equation. This includes an identification of strategies used to create superior healthcare performance increasing net operating margins through a disciplined approach to improving leadership alignment. Assessments of national benchmark indicators of hard performance measures include quality outcomes, financial metrics and productivity results.

Speaker Topics

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Physician Leadership
  • Service Excellence
  • Workforce Issues

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator