Thomas A. Atchison, Ed.D., is President and founder of Atchison Consulting LLC. 
Since 1984, Dr. Atchison has consulted with healthcare organizations, on Managed
Change programs, Teambuilding and Leadership Development.  He has consulted to the military, healthcare vendors, and government agencies on the intangible aspects of healthcare.  He also has taught several courses on leadership and change management for the American college of Healthcare Executives.  Typically, he consults to senior executives, managers, trustees and physician leaders.

He has written a number of articles about motivation, managed change, teambuilding, and leadership.  Dr. Atchison’s book, Turning Healthcare Leadership Around, was published by Jossey-Bass in October 1990.  His second book titled, Leading Transformational Change: The Physician-Executive Partnership, was published by Health Administration Press, a division of the Foundation of the American college of Healthcare Executives, in October 2001.  His third book, FOLLOWERSHIP: A Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers, was published by Health Administration Press, a division of the Foundation of the American college of Healthcare Executives, in November 2003.  His book, LEADERSHIP: The Deeper Dimensions, was published in 2005, and his latest book, Leading Healthcare Cultures: How Human Capital Drives Financial Performance, was released in December 2008. 

Dr. Atchison is a member at American college of Healthcare Executives, and earned a doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Development at Loyola University of Chicago.  

Featured Presentations

High Performance Leadership Development: Healthcare’s complexity require leadership that is visionary, compassionate and nimble. High performing leaders create a corporate culture that unleashes and directs human potential. This is the essence of sustainable success. Understanding and implementing the critical success factors of leadership and their corresponding tools will determine a healthcare organization’s ability to lead and manage today’s necessary changes.

Physician Leadership Development: Physicians in today’s healthcare delivery systems are experiencing, seemingly never-ending, increases in expectations for performance. The behavioral dynamics of physicians are fundamentally different than the professionals on the business side of the healthcare enterprise. It is extremely useful to assist physicians learn those leadership skill which will help them become partners in the delivery of care and achieving the corporate strategy. Physician engagement as well as alignment processes are the two best ways to move an organization forward with physicians as partners.

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  • Leadership
  • Organizational Culture
  • Physician Leadership

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