Teri Yanovitch is a dynamic and insightful speaker.  Her powerful combination of customer service expertise and real-world quality management helps her move organizations from the status quo of "business as usual" to creating a culture of customer loyalty.  She will help your organization identify the critical elements that can make or break the customer experience and what it takes to deliver world-class service.

As a former Disney Institute keynote speaker, she shared the best practices developed by the Walt Disney Company with global organizations.  For more than a decade, she implemented cultural change as an executive with Philip Crosby Associates, the company that revolutionized total quality management. Much of what she has learned over the years in now available in her book Unleashing Excellence - The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service.

When attendees come to Teri's presentation, they usually don't want to leave.  She ignites a visual and audible excitement with them and the audience walks away with the following:
• how to look through the lens of the customer
• knowing the critical elements that affect the customer experience
• how to create small but impactful customer Wow's
• ways to increase employee involvement and ownership to become service heroes

Featured Presentations

Unleashing Excellence - How to Deliver World Class Service
Superior customer service is the competitive edge in today's world of customer choices. Everything your customers see, hear, smell and touch has an impact on the perception of their experience and of your organization. This program shares techniques and tools that allow you to immediately apply and raise your current level of service to a higher level of extraordinary service. Attendees will learn how to create a seamless experience of service excellence for both internal and external customers. Participants will: learn how to look through the lens of the customer recognize Everything Speaks in your physical environment learn how to create small but impactful Wows for your customers identify ways to make it easy to do business with your organization.

Creating a Culture of Service Excellence
The delivery of excellent service should be viewed as a way of life within an organization.  World-class customer service doesn't just happen, it must be planned and managed if it is to be delivered consistently. This means ingraining it into the fabric of the organization so that it becomes known that service excellence is "how we do business".  To do this, a service philosophy and service standards need to be established so all employees know the expectations of how to deliver great service.  The customer experience must be orchestrated to ensure all opportunities to create exceptional and memorable moments will happen consistently.  This program will identify the leadership actions needed to create and sustain a culture of service excellence.  Participants will: learn how to develop a Service Philosophy and Service Standards identify the critical elements that affect the customer experience learn the systems and processes that structure a culture of service excellence identify touch point opportunities to Wow the customer learn how to create Service Heroes of your employees.

Magic of the Pixie Dust - Customer Service, A Way of Life for Disney
How do you translate Disney's incredible 60 year success into simple strategies and tactics that any organization can apply? This program takes a look at how Disney engages the hearts and minds of its employees to want to deliver "the extra", even with no one watching. It explores how they consistently deliver a seamless experience through a common set of defined behaviors that become a way of life in both internal and external service situations. Through personal stories and anecdotes, audience participants learn how Disney separates itself from its competition. If you want to catapult your organization from offering ordinary customer experiences to extraordinary experiences, like Disney does, the lessons learned can be easily translated to your industry.
Participants will:
•Learn how to engage employees through a common vision that inspires and motivates
•Explore a set of behaviors that become guidelines to decision-making
•Understand the four components that create a differentiation in the customer experience
•Learn why it feels "magical" and how you can strengthen your brand

Speaker Topics

  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Service Excellence

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Keynote Presenter