Steve Bedwell is a medical doctor with research training, an obsessive streak and a knack for applying complex scientific data to everyday problems.

In addition to teaching the complexities of medicine at the prestigious Royal London Hospital, Steve also traveled the world, conducting research in the U.S., Europe and Australia. He even found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight.

After years of sifting through peer reviewed, replicated research, Steve laid out a startlingly simple, science-smart blueprint for professional development. He calls his approach Habit Hacking: Quick and easy tactics for razor sharp thinking, emotional intelligence and unflinching, goal-directed action.

Steve’s entire presentation is a PowerPoint free zone. Instead, he illustrates his ideas with funny, crowd-involving, “grab ’em by the eyeballs” demonstrations. All his speeches are packed with startlingly simple, step-by-step tactics that attendees can take back to the office, implement immediately and cascade throughout their organizations. 

In addition to delivering a dynamic, game-changing speech, here are a few more reasons why Dr. Steve is hired by so many savvy event professionals…

Credible: Dr. Steve is a medical doctor and stand-up comedian. You can be confident that he’ll deliver extensively-researched content in a wildly-enjoyable speech.

Energizing: Expect an avalanche of excited, positive comments from smiling attendees during your event, and on the feedback forms.

Mind-Opening: Throughout your conference, you’ll hear your attendees discussing Dr. Steve’s ideas and your other speakers quoting him. Clients also report that his speeches leave attendees more open to each other and their industry educators.

To succeed, we need to understand why we sometimes fail. Which is why Dr. Steve offers a masterclass in missing the obvious, stressing yourself out and getting nothing done! Drawing inspiration from a ping-pong ball, a dead housefly and Shania Twain, Dr. Steve will make your attendees laugh harder during a healthcare meeting than they ever thought possible.

Your audience will learn a three-step system for responding to workplace challenges more mindfully. A science-smart approach for handling the pressures of modern healthcare and moving towards an uncertain future with focus, optimism and resolve…

Inside Out Thinking: A powerful process for reframing challenges, shattering blind spots and sharpening reasoning skills. (Find creative solutions, make insightful decisions and outthink the competition in less time, with less sweat and fewer dollars.)

The Emotion Equation: An easily implemented method for recognizing emotional triggers, unhooking from frustrating situations and letting go of anxiety. (This simple equation can save your attendees a truckload of stress, conflict and regret.)
Habit Hacking: An effective approach for improving workplace habits that doesn’t rely on willpower. (Avoid burnout, match energy to task and take unflinching, goal-directed action.)

…Your attendees will leave with immediately applicable ideas for thinking in fresh ways, letting go of stress and shaping a culture of success. Evidence-based tactics they can cascade down throughout their teams, nurturing leadership talent and building an outstanding organization.

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