The next model of healthcare delivery will require systems to define a new concept called "Wellbeing Innovations." This new mixture of community conversations that matter and peer support for a more whole approach to wellbeing and prevention goes beyond advice about immunizations, fitness, and dieting. It will also need to reach beyond fixing medical conditions rather than preventing them. Learned helplessness and a medical solution to every problem are simply creating a monster that threatens the economy.

Dr. Prather has gained a unique perspective on healthcare and the community after 12 years of private practice, 10 years as the President of a health care quality consulting firm and 10 years in the non-profit sector promoting health and wellness strategies. Beginning this journey as a recognized expert in improving health care delivery he has now added a focus on personal and community wellbeing. A long time advocate of patient involvement in care Dr. Prather believes that new thinking is now required to decrease the need for care. The country can't afford the medical care it provides.

A new solution, Community Well-Being requires engagement and a new identity as the creator of one's own Personal Health System. It also requires a community of practice to reinforce new behavior and a belief that one is in control of health. The measure of success is not stepping on the scales. It is feeling happier within a positive peer group. This isn't just any peer group. It is one supported by the community network of services already in place to help people.

Wellbeing innovation is completely redefining the role of Patient, Physician, and Hospital. The individual sees their personal healthcare system as a set of choices that they can control. Medical care may actually be one of the last alternatives. Wellbeing innovations come from the community as an evolutionary force that requires a new level of authentic cooperation between its citizens. Dr. Prather conducts conferences, retreats and speaking engagements to help groups start creating this level of wellbeing. He helps members of the audience draw solutions from each other while building a community that gets to know itself as a holder of wellbeing.

After receiving a medical degree from the University of Kansas, Dr. Prather completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah. He is a Fellow and has served as the President of the Utah Section of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists; he was also a member of the Medical Advisory Panel for the Pew Health Profession Commission at Duke University.

As the author of two complementary works, Behavioral Types and the Art of Patient Management and The New Health Partners, Dr. Prather has demonstrated an understanding of the challenges facing health care.

He believes that a balance of personal responsibility for wellbeing and a community network that supports individuals through conversations that matter and new reproducible wellness achievements will define the future.

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  • Future of Health Care
  • Health Care Reform

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