Priya Bathija – Guiding hospitals and health systems to promote affordability by improving value.

Priya Bathija is Vice President, Value Initiative at the American Hospital Association (AHA). In this role, she leads AHA’s efforts to guide hospitals and health systems as they promote affordability by improving quality and decreasing cost. In addition, Priya continues to lead the association’s efforts to explore innovative delivery and payment system reforms that will allow vulnerable urban and rural communities to ensure access to essential health care services. Formerly, Priya served as AHA’s point person for inpatient payment and rural hospital issues and as AHA’s liaison to MedPAC. Prior to joining the AHA, Priya practiced health care law and served as Hospital Counsel for MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC and Associate General Counsel at ProMedica Health System in Toledo, Ohio.

Featured presentations:

Improving Affordability and Promoting Value

Ms. Bathija examines the national context for the call for greater health care affordability and shares insight into potential solutions that will allow hospitals to decrease cost, and improve quality and the patient experience. She will provide perspectives on health care affordability from a variety of stakeholders, including consumers, hospitals, payers, the government and community partners. In addition, she will explore the various social, systemic and operational factors influencing affordability. Sharing the work of leading health systems, she identifies actions and strategies that hospitals and health systems can pursue to reduce health care costs and improve the value of health care services they offer.

Ensuring Access to Quality Health Care In Vulnerable Communities

For millions of Americans living in vulnerable rural and urban communities, their hospital is an important, and often their only, source of health care. As transformation in the hospital and health care field continues, some communities may be at risk of losing access to health care services and the opportunities and resources they need to improve and maintain their health. Ms. Bathija will provide an overview of the work of the American Hospital Association’s Task Force on Ensuring Access in Vulnerable Communities, including characteristics and parameters that may make a community vulnerable as well as essential health care services hospitals should strive to maintain locally. In addition, Ms. Bathija will identify emerging strategies hospitals may implement to ensure access to essential health care services in their communities.

Speaker Topics

  • Consumerism and Retail Health Care
  • Delivering Value through Delivery System Innovation
  • Future of Health Care
  • Health Care Reform
  • Legal Issues and Ethics
  • Mergers, Affiliations, Partnerships and Networks
  • Population Health
  • Rural Health Care

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Group Facilitator
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator