Mary Totten, President, Totten & Associates, has been a speaker and consultant to hospitals and health systems, managed care organizations, health care associations, and a variety of other health-related organizations on issues of quality of care and medical staff credentialing, strategic planning and mission development, governing board orientation and board self-evaluation and governance restructuring. She conducts board retreats and education programs; writes and publishes books, articles, and newsletters for health care leaders; and has managed and evaluated grant and research projects on a variety of leadership and market issues.

Ms. Totten has authored several publications and articles on governance and leadership issues, including the American Hospital Association's The Guide to Governance for Hospital and Health System Trustees, first and second editions; The Board's Role in Quality of Care: A Practical Guide for Hospital Trustees, The Future of Health Care Governance: Redesigning Boards for a New Era and The Trustee Handbook for Health Care Governance, first and second editions.

Ms. Totten has served as a board member of St. Catherine's Hospital in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She has a MBA in marketing from Northwestern University.

Speaker Topics

  • Governance

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator