Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating double brainstem stroke. Locked inside her body, she communicated by blinking. Kate could think – and she could blink – that's all she could do. It was like being locked in a glass coffin. This survivor of Locked-in Syndrome proves that paralysis is not powerlessness and that we can achieve the impossible by focusing on the possible. Now more than 10 years later Kate is sharing her incredible story of recovery with audiences across the country.

Kate was appointed to the University of Southern California, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy Board of Counselors. She has served as a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association, is a board member of the Stroke Association of Southern California. She was the subject of a major fundraising film produced by the American Heart Association.

Her story has been featured in many national magazines, including Redbook, Prevention, Vim & Vigor, Caregiver, Stroke Smart, Stroke Connection and The Female Patient. Last year Kate was a national finalist in Prevention Magazine's Picture of Health promotion and has appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Bill O'Reilly Factor, The Abrams Report, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, 700 Club, Coral Ridge Ministries, TBN and Lifetime.

The award winning author of the, Paralyzed but not Powerless is joined by her husband, attorney and patient advocate, Steven Klugman. He holds a JD from Northwestern School of Law and has been practicing law since 1972, serving for 15 years as a Judge Pro Tem in the Superior Court of Los Angeles. After Kate's stroke, the couple became powerful advocates for helping other stroke patients dealing with issues ranging from insurance coverage to end of life.

How did Steven and a group of dedicated medical professionals work together to help Kate achieve her ultimate victory? Kate and Steven will share that story with you and provide insight into how their partnership with the nursing staff, helped bring about a true miracle.

Steven will also share with you how Kate became an expert witness in the area of pain and suffering in the patient who is not conscious. He will draw on his 37 years of experience as a trial lawyer to talk about how the use of experts – sometimes unconventional experts – helps clients win in the court room.

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Survivor of Locked-in Syndrome

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