Boards face trade-offs regularly. Do we invest in the new obstetrics service or the cardiology program? Do we partner with another health system to build a broader network of services or do we go it alone? How do we effectively integrate physician practices or do we launch a string of retail pharmacies? These are tough questions, but they are not the most difficult. Tougher questions challenge the health system's mission when it is up against harsh economic realities. Do we close the rural hospital we started twelve years ago and leave the community with no health care? Do we join a regional system for economic clout if it means we have to change the hospital's mission? These questions are the toughest because they challenge the health system's purpose. John Brozovich provides consulting, which specializes in governance and executive leadership matters that involve mission and economics. John tailors services to boards and executive leadership to advance mission where it intersects economics.


  • Planning and facilitating board retreats integrating mission with strategy
  • Conducting Board retreats that integrate mission and strategy
  • Assessment of a Board's readiness for mission renewal
  • Facilitating clarification of the mission roles for CEO and Board Chair
  • Board Mission/Operations self evaluation and plan of action
  • Providing mission coaching to new board chairs and committee chairs
  • Advising in areas critical to board performance on crucial issues
  • Advising on succession planning that promotes mission and results
  • Advising Boards on board composition, process, structure, strategic planning, committee effectiveness, and leadership for mission and strategy
  • New director mission orientation
  • Individual director evaluation for mission and economics fit

Executive Leadership
The Executive Leadership Services that promote the mission integration into operations include:

  • Aligning strategic planning with the board and executive leadership on mission issues and strategic imperatives including measuring the mission and operational results of the strategic plan
  • Providing mission sensitivity with operational practicality to project teams with their full range of planning, implementation, and assessment responsibilities.
  • Conducting CEO and team 360° performance assessments that embody mission and operations
  • Conducting mission/operations competency assessments of CEO candidates
  • Advising on CEO transition
  • Providing executive coaching to senior executives that involves mission and operations
  • Facilitating role clarification between the Chairman or lead director and the CEO

Speaker Topics

  • Governance

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator