Jane is a health economist, advisor and trend weaver to organizations at the intersection of health, technology and people. Jane founded THINK-Health after spending a decade as a health care consultant in firms in the US and Europe. Jane’s clients are all stakeholders in health: technology, bio/life sciences, providers, plans, financial services, consumer products, and not-for-profit organizations. Jane founded the Health Populi blog in 2007, covering health policy, technology and consumers; celebrating a decade of health insights goodness and nearly 1,800 posts all written by Jane.

Jane advises clients on strategy and new product development via environmental analysis, scenario and strategic planning, and health policy analysis. She is on the advisory boards of CanSurround, CAQH’s US Health Efficiency Index, the Health 2.0 Conference, HealthBank, Onboard Health, Stupid Cancer, and WEGO Health. She also sits on the board of The Clinic of Phoenixville, a free clinic in her community.

Jane has been named…
One of 20 HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors, One of the #HIT100, A Top 100 Influencer in HealthTech, One of the Top 100 Healthcare Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2017, and one of the Top 100 Influential Economists in the World,  among other kudos.

Jane holds an MA (Economics) and MHSA (Health Planning) from the University of Michigan. While Jane loves her work, she is even more passionate about family and home. Slow Food and her local CSA, and living a full and balanced life. Follow Jane along with over 25,000 other tweeters on Twitter @HealthyThinker.

Featured Presentations

The New Health Consumer in the Post-Trump/Post-Amazon Era
U.S. patients, now health care consumers, are increasingly stressed and challenged by uncertainty in healthcare insurance markets, healthcare costs, and fragmented delivery systems. Jane will explain how hospitals and healthcare providers can help patients re-experience healthcare by re-imagining care delivery where people live, work, play, pray and learn.

How Digital Health Tools are Empowering Healthcare Consumers: or, the Amazon Prime-ing of the US Health Consumer
Amazon has “primed” U.S. patients, now consumers, for better designed, more transparent, choice-driven healthcare. Jane will identify the market drivers under this trend, and how hospitals can meet consumers’ growing demand for contemporary, streamlined, accessible health care services.

How America’s Macroeconomics Shape the Microeconomics of Healthcare Consumers
The U.S. spends over $3.5 trillion (with a “T”) on health care in America. Yet the nation’s health outcomes and other metrics fall very short of a big ROI on that spending. Jane, a health economist, will update the attendees on the nation’s macroeconomic environment and how that shapes peoples’ household microeconomics for healthcare spending.

Speaker Topics

  • Consumerism and Retail Health Care
  • Delivering Value through Delivery System Innovation
  • Future of Health Care
  • Health Care Reform
  • Information Technology and Data Analytics
  • Patient Advocacy and Engagement
  • Positioning for the New Insurance Markets
  • Strategic Planning

Speaker Type

  • Breakout Presenter
  • Group Facilitator
  • Keynote Presenter
  • Presentation Moderator
  • Webinar Presenter