Burl Stamp, FACHE, is the president and founder of Stamp & Chase, Inc., a health care consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Stamp & Chase partners with health care organizations across the country to improve performance through better communication, business development and strategic planning.

Prior to launching Stamp & Chase, Burl served several leading health care organizations in senior management roles. He developed the first strategic planning and marketing department at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he started the highly successful Answer Line in 1989 to provide reliable, accessible health advice to families. He went on to lead pediatric service line development for the BJC Healthcare system. As president and CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, he spearheaded development and construction of the first comprehensive, freestanding health care campus in Arizona dedicated to pediatrics.

Burl is the author of The Healing Art of Communication, a health care professional’s guide to improving communication, and the creator of Caremunication™, a comprehensive training and professional development program designed to help health care providers improve communication among front-line staff. He is a frequent speaker on communication, leadership and marketing strategy in health care organizations.

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  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Improvement
  • Service Excellence

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