Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, is a national thought leader, award-winning author, consultant and speaker on positioning philanthropy—or voluntary charitable giving—as a sustainable and growing revenue source in healthcare.    Betsy is known for a dynamic, high-energy and conversational speaking style that helps her effectively connect with audiences; and she consistently gets top reviews from audiences and meeting planners.
Betsy is president of the healthcare philanthropy consulting firm Accordant Philanthropy.   She is author of the book Healthcare Philanthropy: Advance Charitable Giving to Your Organization's Mission, editor and co-author of the book Redefining Healthcare Philanthropy and author of several publications on foundation board governance for the America Hospital Association.  She has written for or been quoted in philanthropy and healthcare management publications including Healthcare Executive, Trustee, H&HN, Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Philanthropy Journal, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Healthcare Facilities Management and more.  She has provided keynotes, workshops and concurrent sessions for organizations to include American Hospital Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, National Rural Health Association, Children’s Hospital Association, numerous state hospital associations and more.  She has had the privilege to provide consulting and speaking services to five of the nation’s ten largest nonprofit healthcare systems.
She holds an MBA from University of Georgia and a Masters of Journalism from Columbia University.   She has achieved the highest level of certification in healthcare philanthropy as a Fellow of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.


Featured Presentations

Advancing Philanthropy as a Strategic Revenue Resource
Healthcare philanthropy can be a vibrant next-curve revenue source for healthcare. Philanthropy not only offers a return on investment that exceeds that of most clinical service lines but also is recognized by financial ratings firms as a key element of fiscal health. This session explores philanthropy as a strategic and sustainable revenue opportunity to support the transition from volume- to value-based care and to achieve the organization's vision of potential. It demystifies the cultural and performance levers to raise more money and zeroes in on the roles of CEOs, governing boards, foundation boards and physicians.
Leveraging Executive, Board & Physician Engagement in Healthcare Philanthropy   
The engagement of healthcare executives, governing board members, foundation board members and physicians is critical to optimize and elevate healthcare philanthropy.  This session explores the evidence-based reasons why leadership engagement is essential to high performance, focuses on specific and actionable roles for key advocates, explores internal and external opportunities and distinguishes between individual and collective roles.  The session also helps leaders shape their own, customized involvement based upon their unique preferences, skill sets, comfort zones and constraints.  Ultimately, this session aims to leverage the involvement of key advocates while positioning leaders to be both successful and fulfilled.
Motivating Stronger Board Engagement by Connecting to Purpose

This motivational and inspirational session explores the universal desire for our lives to make a difference and to matter.  This session considers the roles of passion and purpose in each of our lives, explores the many personal benefits that accrue to those who serve others and reflects upon how service enables individuals to fulfill their own deeply human needs.   It also illuminates the science behind gratitude that motivates patients and families to give to healthcare.  Ultimately, this session allows board leaders to connect how their own individual purpose and passion can be deployed to make an impact on the greater world.    
Discovering High-Impact, Right-Fit Roles for Board Members in Advancing Philanthropy
Board members often express concern about raising money.  However, the outsize impact of board members in connecting the mission to the community means board engagement is too important to squander.  This session helps board members set their fear of fundraising aside to get actively involved in advancing a cause they care about.   This session draws upon decades of research on psychology and performance to explore the personal and intrinsic motivations to get engaged and to tailor board involvement based upon leaders' preferences, strengths, beliefs, behaviors, constraints and interests.  Ultimately, this session liberates leaders to focus on high-impact activities they will enjoy and excel in while adding real value to the organization.

Speaker Topics

  • Governance
  • Philanthropy

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  • Breakout Presenter
  • Group Facilitator
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