Speaker List

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  • Ken Ackerman

    Experience in health care administration to HealthCare Compensation Strategies, a division of Clark/Bardes

  • Laura Adams

    Laura Adams is the President and CEO of the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI).

  • Kate Adamson

    Survivor of Locked-in Syndrome

  • Scott Adler

    Founding Principal with Insight Strategies, LLC

  • Janice A. Anderson

    25 years' experience focusing on health regulatory and compliance issues

  • Benjamin Anderson

    CEO of Kearny County Hospital

  • Trish Anen, RN, MBA, NEA-BC

    Principal and the APC Workforce Practice Co-Leader at Sullivan, Cotter and Associates

  • Pam Arlotto

    President & CEO of Maestro Strategies, LLC

  • Thomas A. Atchison

    President and founder of Atchison Consulting Group

  • Kristin Baird

    President/CEO of Baird Group

  • John Baldoni

    Leadership educator, executive coach, leadership author

  • Priya Bathija

    Vice President, The Value Initiative

    Guiding hospitals and health systems to promote affordability by improving value.

  • Jeffrey Bauer

    Internationally recognized health futurist and medical economist

  • Steve Bedwell

    Provides healthcare professionals with a perspective-driven approach to successfully handle the rapidly changing healthcare environment

  • Bruce A. Berger

    Professor at Auburn University in Pharmacy Care Systems

  • Steven Berger

    Founder and President of Healthcare Insights, LLC

  • Steven M. Berkowitz

    Over 25 years experience in health care executive management and consulting

  • David L. Bernd

    Chief Executive Officer of Sentara Healthcare

  • Jay D. Bhatt, DO, MPH, MPA, FACP

    Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association and President, Health Research & Educational Trust.

  • Errol L. Biggs

    Primary research and consulting activities include work with hospitals to improve the governance

  • John Brozovich

    MA Health Care Mission, MBA: Principal - John Brozovich Associates, Inc.

  • Joseph S. Bujak, MD, FACP

    Expert on the subjects of transformational change, physician relationships, understanding physician

  • Lawton R. Burns

    Professor of Health Care Systems in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

  • John J. Byrnes

    Sr. Vice President of System Quality for Spectrum

  • Bob Chaput

    CEO and Founder, Clearwater Compliance

  • Kenneth Cohen, PhD

    Founder and CEO of The Synergy Organization

  • Kinneil Coltman

    Director, Diversity and Language Services, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center

  • John R. Combes, M.D.

    Former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Former President of the Center for Healthcare Governance (CHG)

  • Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, CPAE

    Speaker, humorist and author of "Do it Well. Make it Fun."

  • John Christopher Cutler

    Specializes in the governance, strategic thinking and integration of healthcare organizations

  • Jeri Davis

    Expert Behavioral Health Consultant & Recruiter

  • Allan P. DeKaye

    President and CEO of DEKAYE Consulting, Inc.

  • David DeLong

    President of David DeLong & Associates

  • Paul R. DeMuro, MBA, JD, PhD

    Informatics professional and well-known health information technology (HIT) attorney

  • Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD

    President, Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education

  • Otha R. Dillihay, Sr.

    Extensive experience in managing health care operations and facilities

  • Susan Douglass

    Over 20 years of experience working with physician compensation, leadership, and engagement

  • Monte I. Dube

    Governance and Board Duties Best Practices; Mergers, Acquisitions and Affiliation Strategies; Governmental Hospitals Issues

  • Sharon S. Dunn

    20 years of senior management experience in managed care organizations, teaching hospitals

  • Lee Ellis

    Nationally-Recognized Leadership Consultant, Award-Winning Author, Expert Presenter, & Colonel USAF (Ret)

  • Marty Fattig

    Over 30 years of healthcare experience

  • Bill G. Felkey

    Auburn University's Professor Emeritus of Healthcare Informatics

  • Kevin Fickenscher

    Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL)

  • Joe Flower

    Founder and CEO of the education company Imagine What If, Inc.

  • Samuel A. Friede

    Samuel A. Friede, FACHE, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management of the University Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health.

  • Michael E. Frisina, Ph.D, M.A.

    Leader Development, Peak Performance Coaching and Organizational Development

  • Sam Glick

    Health Market 2.0 and consumer-centric healthcare presenter

  • Jeff Goldsmith

    President of Health Futures, Inc.

  • Jade Gong

    Bringing a deep expertise in Medicare and Medicaid payment policy, knowledge of post-acute and long term care delivery systems, and a passion for assisting organizations in implementing bold strategies that will transform for a more integrated, person-centered delivery system.

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    Inspirational Olympic Athlete

  • Scott W. Goodspeed

    President and CEO of four hospitals in three states

  • Steve Gordon, MD, MPP, FACP

    National Principal Consultant, Point B

  • Alice G. Gosfield

    Health law; quality; clinical integration; physician engagement/alignment

  • Thomas R. Green

    CEO of Lancaster Pollard

  • Mark E. Grube

    Managing Director of Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc.

  • Kevin Haeberle

    Executive Vice President & Practice Leader of MSA HR Capital at Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • Jim Harris

    Advisor to business leaders on how to achieve great results

  • Vicki Hess

    Founder and principal of Catalyst Consulting, LLC

  • Paul B. Hofmann

    Management and Clinical Ethics

  • Neal Hogan, PhD

    Senior Advisor, BDC Advisors; President, Neal Hogan Enterprise; Board Member, INTEGRIS

  • Ronald M. Hollander

    Frequent speaker and facilitator on a wide range of health policy topics

  • Christopher Hund, MFA

    Sharing strategies to improve culture and communication, drive innovation and turn teams of experts into expert teams.

  • David Hunnicutt

    Sense-maker. Simplifier. Arch-enemy of underperforming hospital cultures. Obsessed with helping leaders create breathtaking change. Focused on building cultures that work, creating high-performing organizations and empowering healthcare executives to lead with intention.

  • Stanley Hupfeld

    President and Chief Executive Officer of the Oklahoma Healthcare Corporation

  • Ralph Jacobson

    Over 25 years experience providing innovative solutions for Fortune 50 organizations

  • William F. Jessee, MD

    Chief Medical Officer and Senior Advisor, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • Maulik S. Joshi, Dr.P.H.

    Health Care Expert and Thought Leader

  • Mo Kasti

    CEO and Founder, CTI/Physician Leadership Institute

  • Kenneth Kaufman

    Chair of Kaufman, Hall & Associates

  • Nathan S. Kaufman

    Renowned expert, consultant, lecturer and author

  • Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Author of the weekly Keckley Report, Dr. Keckley dives deep into the data on health care change to bring audiences the unvarnished truth. Dr. Keckley helps pressure test strategy, anticipate public reaction, find the opportunities in the change, and improve your odds of success.

  • John W. Kenagy

    Kenagy & Associates, LLC

  • Eric Kidwell

    Vice President, Integrated Loyalty Systems (ILS)

  • Rex P. Killian, JD

    President, Killian & Associates, LLC

  • Pamela R. Knecht

    Speaker and Consultant to Healthcare Organizations and Boards

  • Lanny Kope

    Active in healthcare governance for over thirty years

  • Brian Lee

    One of North America's leading experts in the field of world-class Patient Satisfaction and Employee Retention

  • Wendy Leebov

    Passionate advocate for creating healing environments

  • Nelly Leon-Chisen

    As Director of Coding and Classification at the American Hospital Association responsible for leading the AHA Central Office on ICD-10-CM/ ICD-10-PCS and HCPCS, Nelly provides vital updates on coding, DRG and data quality issues.

  • Todd C. Linden

    President, Linden Consulting, Inc.

  • Eric D. Lister

    Physician and consultant to healthcare organizations

  • Clint MacKinney, MD, MS

    Assistant professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Iowa

  • Ian Morrison, PhD

    An internationally known author, consultant, and speaker specializing in long-term forecasting and planning with particular emphasis on health care and the changing business environment.

  • Dr. Nancy Myers

    Experienced in providing leadership to the development of clinical transformation projects and evidence-based population health and system innovation tools to improve care delivery outcomes.

  • John J. Nance, JD

    Key thought leader in American health care

  • David B. Nash, MD, MBA

    Dean, Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health

  • Peg C. Neuhauser

    Management and organizational consultant

  • Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D.

    An engaging speaker, a prolific, visionary author, and dynamic President of Numerof & Associates, a strategy development and implementation consulting firm.

  • David J. Nygren, PhD

    Nygren Consulting, LLC

  • Michael O'Brien

    Author, executive coach and CEO of the O'Brien Group

  • Tom Olivo

    President, Success Profiles, Inc. and Founding Partner, Healthcare Performance Solutions

  • James E. Orlikoff

    Renowned governance expert outlines future trends and examines the strategic approaches and critical leadership competencies that will move a board from good to great governance.

  • Jennifer Page

    Inspirational and entertaining mother of Mini Darth Vader

  • William D. Petasnick, FACHE

    Recently retired CEO of Froedtert Health Inc

  • Jake Poore

    President & Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems

  • Tim Porter-O'Grady

    Over 40 years of actual hands on clinical and leadership experience at every level of health service; health care leader, writer, professor, and consultant.

  • Stephen E Prather

    Director of Community Well-Being

  • Michael D. Pugh

    CEO experience in hospitals, health care systems, managed care organizations, consulting & health care service

  • Anita Rapier

    ICD-10-CM Training and Preparation

  • James L. Reinertsen, MD

    The Reinertsen Group

  • Ann Rhoades

    Visionary Human Resources Executive

  • Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE

    Managing Director & Practice Leader of the Governance & Leadership practice, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • John Riggi

    Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk, American Hospital Association

  • Ronald N. Riner, MD

    Consultant and professional advisor

  • Yolanda Robles

    Founder and President of CulturaLink

  • Michael Rock, MD

    Chief Medical Officer at Mayo Clinic Hospitals/Mayo Foundation

  • Thomas C. Royer, MD, FACPE

    Over 40 years of experience as a clinician, clinical leader, physician leader, and CEO

  • William Ryan

    Principal, Ryan Consulting Group

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Health Economist, Advisor and Trend Weaver

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Health Economist, Advisor and Trend-weaver

  • Dottie Schindlinger

    Executive Vice President & Governance Technology Evangelist, BoardEffect

  • Michele Serbenski

    Executive Director, Corporate Effectiveness & Customer Satisfaction, Bronson Healthcare Group

  • Kevin Sheridan

    Human Capital Management Consulting

  • Aurel Emerson Smith, PhD

    Internationally recognized and thought-provoking speaker and health care futurist

  • Burl Stamp, FACHE

    President and founder of Stamp & Chase, Inc.

  • Jason H. Sussman

    Nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant

  • Ernest R. Sutton

    Managing member of the Sutton Group, L.L.C.

  • Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP

    Award-winning author and speaker on healthcare philanthropy

  • Mary K. Totten

    Speaker and consultant to hospitals and health systems

  • Bruce Tulgan

    Internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace

  • Joe Tye

    Head Coach of Values Coach America

  • J. Larry Tyler

    Managing your healthcare career, Governance 101

  • Crystal Vasquez

    Director of Solutions Innovation, American Hospital Association

  • Jay Want, MD

    Owner and principal of Want Healthcare LLC

  • Bernice J. Washington, MBA, MT (ASCP), CMC

    Healthcare governance/philanthropy expert

  • Don Wegmiller

    Chairman and co-founder of C-Suite Resources

  • Shari Welch

    Practicing physician, an independent consultant, and a research fellow at the Intermountain Institute for Health Care Delivery Research

  • Martha Whitecotton, RN, MSN, FACHE

    Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health Services for Carolinas HealthCare System

  • Hans Wiik, FACHE, MPH, MHA, RPh

    President and CEO of the Hans Wiik Health Group, LLC

  • Daniel Wolf

    Managing Director of the healthcare consulting practice of Dewar Sloan

  • Gregory Wolf

    Principal, Stroudwater Associates

  • Nicholas Wolter, MD

    CEO of Billings Clinic, a fully integrated health system

  • Paula Woods

    Co-founder and principal of Woods/Liddell Group

  • Teri Yanovitch

    Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Expert

  • Gary R. Yates

    Governance, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement

  • Gretchen Young-Charles

    ICD-10-CM Training and Preparation