Speaker List

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  • Ken Ackerman

    Experience in health care administration to HealthCare Compensation Strategies, a division of Clark/Bardes

  • Laura Adams

    Laura Adams is the President and CEO of the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI).

  • Kate Adamson

    Survivor of Locked-in Syndrome

  • Scott Adler

    Founding Principal with Insight Strategies, LLC

  • Janice A. Anderson

    25 years' experience focusing on health regulatory and compliance issues

  • Benjamin Anderson

    CEO of Kearny County Hospital

  • Trish Anen, RN, MBA, NEA-BC

    Principal and the APC Workforce Practice Co-Leader at Sullivan, Cotter and Associates

  • Pam Arlotto

    President & CEO of Maestro Strategies, LLC

  • Thomas A. Atchison

    President and founder of Atchison Consulting Group

  • Kristin Baird

    President/CEO of Baird Group

  • John Baldoni

    Leadership educator, executive coach, leadership author

  • Jeffrey Bauer

    Internationally recognized health futurist and medical economist

  • Steve Bedwell

    Provides healthcare professionals with a perspective-driven approach to successfully handle the rapidly changing healthcare environment

  • Bruce A. Berger

    Professor at Auburn University in Pharmacy Care Systems

  • Steven Berger

    Founder and President of Healthcare Insights, LLC

  • Steven M. Berkowitz

    Over 25 years experience in health care executive management and consulting

  • David L. Bernd

    Chief Executive Officer of Sentara Healthcare

  • Jay D. Bhatt, DO, MPH, MPA, FACP

    Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association and President, Health Research & Educational Trust.

  • Errol L. Biggs

    Primary research and consulting activities include work with hospitals to improve the governance

  • John Brozovich

    MA Health Care Mission, MBA: Principal - John Brozovich Associates, Inc.

  • Joseph S. Bujak, MD, FACP

    Expert on the subjects of transformational change, physician relationships, understanding physician

  • Lawton R. Burns

    Professor of Health Care Systems in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

  • John J. Byrnes

    Sr. Vice President of System Quality for Spectrum

  • Bob Chaput

    CEO and Founder, Clearwater Compliance

  • Kenneth Cohen, PhD

    Founder and CEO of The Synergy Organization

  • Kinneil Coltman

    Director, Diversity and Language Services, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center

  • John R. Combes, M.D.

    Former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Former President of the Center for Healthcare Governance (CHG)

  • Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, CPAE

    Speaker, humorist and author of "Do it Well. Make it Fun."

  • John Christopher Cutler

    Specializes in the governance, strategic thinking and integration of healthcare organizations

  • Jeri Davis

    Expert Behavioral Health Consultant & Recruiter

  • Allan P. DeKaye

    President and CEO of DEKAYE Consulting, Inc.

  • David DeLong

    President of David DeLong & Associates

  • Paul R. DeMuro, MBA, JD, PhD

    Informatics professional and well-known health information technology (HIT) attorney

  • Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD

    President, Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education

  • Otha R. Dillihay, Sr.

    Extensive experience in managing health care operations and facilities

  • Susan Douglass

    Over 20 years of experience working with physician compensation, leadership, and engagement

  • Monte I. Dube

    Governance and Board Duties Best Practices; Mergers, Acquisitions and Affiliation Strategies; Governmental Hospitals Issues

  • Sharon S. Dunn

    20 years of senior management experience in managed care organizations, teaching hospitals

  • Lee Ellis

    Nationally-Recognized Leadership Consultant, Award-Winning Author, Expert Presenter, & Colonel USAF (Ret)

  • Marty Fattig

    Over 30 years of healthcare experience

  • Bill G. Felkey

    Auburn University's Professor Emeritus of Healthcare Informatics

  • Kevin Fickenscher

    Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: DELL)

  • Joe Flower

    Founder and CEO of the education company Imagine What If, Inc.

  • Samuel A. Friede

    Samuel A. Friede, FACHE, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management of the University Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health.

  • Michael E. Frisina, Ph.D, M.A.

    Leader Development, Peak Performance Coaching and Organizational Development

  • Sam Glick

    Health Market 2.0 and consumer-centric healthcare presenter

  • Jeff Goldsmith

    President of Health Futures, Inc.

  • Jade Gong

    A nationally recognized thought leader in post-acute and long term care delivery.

  • Ruben Gonzalez

    Inspirational Olympic Athlete

  • Scott W. Goodspeed

    President and CEO of four hospitals in three states

  • Steve Gordon, MD, MPP, FACP

    National Principal Consultant, Point B

  • Alice G. Gosfield

    Health law; quality; clinical integration; physician engagement/alignment

  • Thomas R. Green

    CEO of Lancaster Pollard

  • Mark E. Grube

    Managing Director of Kaufman, Hall & Associates, Inc.

  • Kevin Haeberle

    Executive Vice President & Practice Leader of MSA HR Capital at Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • Jim Harris

    Advisor to business leaders on how to achieve great results

  • Vicki Hess

    Founder and principal of Catalyst Consulting, LLC

  • Paul B. Hofmann

    Management and Clinical Ethics

  • Neal Hogan, PhD

    Senior Advisor, BDC Advisors; President, Neal Hogan Enterprise; Board Member, INTEGRIS

  • Ronald M. Hollander

    Frequent speaker and facilitator on a wide range of health policy topics

  • David Hunnicutt

    Sense-maker. Simplifier. Arch-enemy of underperforming hospital cultures. Obsessed with helping leaders create breathtaking change. Focused on building cultures that work, creating high-performing organizations and empowering healthcare executives to lead with intention.

  • Stanley Hupfeld

    President and Chief Executive Officer of the Oklahoma Healthcare Corporation

  • Ralph Jacobson

    Over 25 years experience providing innovative solutions for Fortune 50 organizations

  • William F. Jessee, MD

    Chief Medical Officer and Senior Advisor, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • Maulik S. Joshi, Dr.P.H.

    Health Care Expert and Thought Leader

  • Mo Kasti

    CEO and Founder, CTI/Physician Leadership Institute

  • Kenneth Kaufman

    Chair of Kaufman, Hall & Associates

  • Nathan S. Kaufman

    Renowned expert, consultant, lecturer and author

  • Paul H. Keckley, PhD

    Managing Editor, The Keckley Report

  • John W. Kenagy

    Kenagy & Associates, LLC

  • Eric Kidwell

    Vice President, Integrated Loyalty Systems (ILS)

  • Rex P. Killian, JD

    President, Killian & Associates, LLC

  • Pamela R. Knecht

    Speaker and Consultant to Healthcare Organizations and Boards

  • Lanny Kope

    Active in healthcare governance for over thirty years

  • Brian Lee

    One of North America's leading experts in the field of world-class Patient Satisfaction and Employee Retention

  • Wendy Leebov

    Passionate advocate for creating healing environments

  • Nelly Leon-Chisen

    Coding, ICD-10, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS

  • Todd C. Linden

    President, Linden Consulting, Inc.

  • Eric D. Lister

    Physician and consultant to healthcare organizations

  • Clint MacKinney, MD, MS

    Assistant professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Iowa

  • Ian Morrison, PhD

    Internationally known speaker on health care

  • John J. Nance, JD

    Key thought leader in American health care

  • David B. Nash, MD, MBA

    Dean, Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health

  • Peg C. Neuhauser

    Management and organizational consultant

  • Rita E. Numerof, Ph.D.

    An engaging speaker, a prolific, visionary author, and dynamic President of Numerof & Associates, a strategy development and implementation consulting firm.

  • David J. Nygren, PhD

    Nygren Consulting, LLC

  • Michael O'Brien

    Author, executive coach and CEO of the O'Brien Group

  • Tom Olivo

    President, Success Profiles, Inc. and Founding Partner, Healthcare Performance Solutions

  • James E. Orlikoff

    President of Orlikoff & Associates, Inc.

  • Jennifer Page

    Inspirational and entertaining mother of Mini Darth Vader

  • William D. Petasnick, FACHE

    Recently retired CEO of Froedtert Health Inc

  • Jake Poore

    President & Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems

  • Tim Porter-O'Grady

    Over 40 years of actual hands on clinical and leadership experience at every level of health service; health care leader, writer, professor, and consultant.

  • Stephen E Prather

    Director of Community Well-Being

  • Michael D. Pugh

    CEO experience in hospitals, health care systems, managed care organizations, consulting & health care service

  • Anita Rapier

    ICD-10-CM Training and Preparation

  • James L. Reinertsen, MD

    The Reinertsen Group

  • Ann Rhoades

    Visionary Human Resources Executive

  • Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE

    Managing Director & Practice Leader of the Governance & Leadership practice, Integrated Healthcare Strategies

  • John Riggi

    Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk, American Hospital Association

  • Ronald N. Riner, MD

    Consultant and professional advisor

  • Yolanda Robles

    Founder and President of CulturaLink

  • Michael Rock, MD

    Chief Medical Officer at Mayo Clinic Hospitals/Mayo Foundation

  • Thomas C. Royer, MD, FACPE

    Over 40 years of experience as a clinician, clinical leader, physician leader, and CEO

  • William Ryan

    Principal, Ryan Consulting Group

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Health Economist, Advisor and Trend Weaver

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

    Health Economist, Advisor and Trend-weaver

  • Dottie Schindlinger

    Executive Vice President & Governance Technology Evangelist, BoardEffect

  • Michele Serbenski

    Executive Director, Corporate Effectiveness & Customer Satisfaction, Bronson Healthcare Group

  • Kevin Sheridan

    Human Capital Management Consulting

  • Aurel Emerson Smith, PhD

    Internationally recognized and thought-provoking speaker and health care futurist

  • Burl Stamp, FACHE

    President and founder of Stamp & Chase, Inc.

  • Jason H. Sussman

    Nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant

  • Ernest R. Sutton

    Managing member of the Sutton Group, L.L.C.

  • Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP

    Award-winning author and speaker on healthcare philanthropy

  • Mary K. Totten

    Speaker and consultant to hospitals and health systems

  • Bruce Tulgan

    Internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace

  • Joe Tye

    Head Coach of Values Coach America

  • J. Larry Tyler

    Managing your healthcare career, Governance 101

  • Crystal Vasquez

    Director of Solutions Innovation, American Hospital Association

  • Jay Want, MD

    Owner and principal of Want Healthcare LLC

  • Bernice J. Washington, MBA, MT (ASCP), CMC

    Healthcare governance/philanthropy expert

  • Don Wegmiller

    Chairman and co-founder of C-Suite Resources

  • Shari Welch

    Practicing physician, an independent consultant, and a research fellow at the Intermountain Institute for Health Care Delivery Research

  • Martha Whitecotton, RN, MSN, FACHE

    Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health Services for Carolinas HealthCare System

  • Hans Wiik, FACHE, MPH, MHA, RPh

    President and CEO of the Hans Wiik Health Group, LLC

  • Daniel Wolf

    Managing Director of the healthcare consulting practice of Dewar Sloan

  • Gregory Wolf

    Principal, Stroudwater Associates

  • Nicholas Wolter, MD

    CEO of Billings Clinic, a fully integrated health system

  • Paula Woods

    Co-founder and principal of Woods/Liddell Group

  • Teri Yanovitch

    Customer Service & Customer Loyalty Expert

  • Gary R. Yates

    Governance, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement

  • Gretchen Young-Charles

    ICD-10-CM Training and Preparation